Move More and Move More of You

Whole Body Core Strength 8-Week Physical + Digital Course

Whole Body Core Strength brings together everything I’ve learnt through my professional and personal journey of healing a severe abdominal separation and restoring a functional core.

This unique course combines small group classes / experiential workshops with digital content – short videos and readings that you can go through at home and keep coming back to as a reference as you build up your personal movement practice.

Challenging the meaning of core strength beyond the tight abs, Whole Body Core Strength aims to equip your with tools to gradually strengthen your body from inside out.

Amongst other, we will explore:

Why breathing muscles are your core muscles

Why weak core is often an issue of communication not a lack of muscle strengthening

What tightness in your shoulders/hips/feet has to do with the weak abdomen

We will look for movements that make you hurt and find a way to do them in a safer, smarter way that will help your tissues heal and strengthen.

Using isolated small movements we will search for your body’s “blind spots” restoring mobility in the underused areas and building more balanced strength patterns.

Suitable for beginners as well as experienced movers, as the group is small and each of the practices will be adapted to you.

  • Price: £180 - includes the digital content for week 1 + 7 weekly movement classes at our studio in North Hackney or one of our partner studios + follow up readings and practice videos

Get in touch on 07936348233 or to find out about the next start date and place and book your spot.