Challenging the Body with Kindness

Movement Kitchen offers precision coaching bridging physiotheraphy and strength and conditioning to help you break out of the weakness and re-injury loop and get stronger for good.

Maybe you:

  • Keep getting injured at the gym, carrying groceries, or lifting your child out of the bath
  • Feel that your body isn’t strong enough to support you when lifting heavy things
  • Have weak, protruding abs that don’t seem to respond to training
  • Leak when you run, jump, cough or sneeze
  • Have tried many different approaches but nothing quite worked

You want to:

  • Carry your kid on your shoulders without worrying about your back
  • Have a pain-free body, flatter belly and a healthy, strong core that can support you without you having to think about it
  • Go back to lifting weights, running or jumping on a trampoline without leaking
  • Take up any fun and challenging exercise class without the fear of being re-injured
  • Return to competitive or recreational sports

Wherever you are, we will work together to create an action plan with weekly milestones to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Movement Kitchen is LGBTQ+ friendly. Every human is welcome, whatever their gender identity.

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This is a great place to start strengthening your abdominal muscles after pregnancy and childbirth or abdominal surgery

Can you have a strong upper body workout with a weakened core?

3D Core and Pelvic Floor Vipr Sequence - A great progression for a nearly recovered new mum

A 19-min exercise class using feet and hands to dynamically challenge your core
Props: 2 yoga blocks + a strap

This is my favourite little pick-me-up sequence lately, integrating hand, arm and calf exercises in this short but punchy whole-body workout

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  • Isabelle de Grave

    After five sessions with Ivana I am moving better and breathing better. I feel better! I can feel my body's limits and its tensions. This means when I take a yoga or pilates class I know how to avoid pushing my body too far towards injury and strain. I have a deeper understanding of and respect for my body.

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  • Annika McSeveny

    Ivana has been so helpful in the process of regaining strength in the muscles my brain had forgotten and abandoned through years of habitual movements, and releasing those which were overworked. I am now much more aware of my body, the position and movement of my pelvis, and how much difference a small adjustment can make to how I feel.

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  • Solene Fabios

    Through challenging but accessible and well explained exercises I was able to understand different mechanics and healing in a new way. As much as a physical practice our time together was also incredibly educational and I have multiple take-aways I can apply in my life as I move forward.

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