Move More and Move More of You

Do you have an injury that keeps coming back? You try exercising at the gym, practising yoga, pilates or running but keep getting injured? Or maybe you feel that things never quite got back to normal after having a baby? Are you a curious mind, interested in learning more about how your body works and would like to reclaim a strong body and an active lifestyle - whatever that might mean for you?

Movement coaching could be the very thing you are looking for.

Our unique, research-based approach bridges the fields of biomechanics based restorative exercise, physiotherapy, functional fitness, yoga, pilates and soft tissue therapy. It aims to empower you to build better movement habits and develop a robust real-life strength in everything you do.

Ivana Miletic DemmelHi, I’m Ivana, a movement coach, mum, mover and researcher, curently doing my MSc in Biomechanics. I'm passionate about improving human biological performance and quality of life through movement. Over the years, I've developed particular interest in women's musculoskeletal health, supporting women through different stages of their lives (pregnancy, postnatal, pre and post-menopause), empowering them to get stronger and more confident in their bodies.


  • Kate

    Working with Ivana has really helped me to get more in touch with my body. She is lovely to work with - very gentle, understanding and supportive. I now have much more ingrained understanding about how my body is functioning.

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  • Masood

    For someone who hasn't done yoga or movement workshops before I found working with Ivana really useful - she was great at explaining what the each exercise was about. I learnt a lot and am looking forward to fixing my body.

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  • Galina

    Ivana was really supportive as I went to her studio with my newborn and she not only helped me to better understand how to recover my diastasis, but even managed to calm and put my baby to sleep while explaining and training me.

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