You might have persistent shoulder/hip/back pain or injury that keeps coming back? Or maybe you feel that things never quite got back to normal after having a baby? You want to get back to running, cycling and doing all those things you used to love? If any of the above is true, you are tired of hurting and ready to take an active part in getting better, movement coaching could be just the thing you are looking for.

Our multidisciplinary approach brings together biomechanics based Restorative Exercise, functional fitness, yoga and massage weaving in the latest research in movement science with experiential and intuitive.

It aims to:

  • Support you in overcoming pain and fear of getting re-injured
  • Empower you to understand your body better and build more sustainable movement patterns in your daily life
  • Help you regain ease and joy in moving and develop a robust functional, real-life strength

Ivana Miletic DemmelHi, I’m Ivana, a movement and wellness coach, RES-CPT, yoga therapist, mum, maker, mover and keen researcher of movement. I'm passionate about empowering women to improve their quality of life after having children and have spent most of my career supporting women in their journeys through pregnancy and motherhood. I'm an advocate of movement-rich life, integrating more movement into everyday.

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  • Kate Rees

    Working with Ivana has really helped me to get more in touch with my body. She is lovely to work with - very gentle, understanding and supportive. She obviously knows a huge amount about her subjects too, and draws from many areas to work in a way that suited me, whether biomechanics, yoga, mindfulness or massage, which is wonderful. After only a few sessions I now have much more ingrained understanding about how my body is functioning and would strongly recommend working with her.

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  • Masood Khan

    Fantastic first class with Ivana. For someone who hasn't done yoga or movement workshops before I found working with Ivana really useful - she was great at explaining what the each exercise was about. I learnt a lot and am looking forward to fixing my body. Thank you Ivana!

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  • Galina Stambolieva

    I met Ivana for one-to-one movement coaching session and I left her studio with lots of new knowledge, experience, a book recommendation, and exercises to do at home. Ivana was really supportive as I went to her studio with my newborn and she not only helped me to better understand how to recover my diastasis, but even managed to calm and put my baby to sleep while explaining and training me.

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