Rediscovering the joy of play in movement

Do you have an abdomen that doesn’t respond well to conventional abdominal exercise?
Do you have back/hip/knee/foot pain that keeps coming back?
Do you feel that things never quite got back to normal after having a baby?
Have you ever tried movement coaching?

Movement Kitchen brings together biomechanics based Restorative Exercise, functional fitness and yoga, weaving in scientific and intuitive in its approach to movement and the body.

It aims to:

  • Empower you to understand your body better and discover root causes of your injuries
  • Support you in overcoming pain and fear of getting re-injured
  • Work with your body to optimise your movement mechanics and build more sustainable movement patterns in your daily life
  • Help you regain ease and joy in moving and transition to a more movement-rich lifestyle
  • Put you on the right path towards developing a robust functional, real-life strength

Ivana Miletic DemmelI’m Ivana, a Nutritious Movement™ Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist, yoga and mindfulness teacher, biomechanics nerd and mum to two energetic little people. I'm passionate about helping people reclaim ease and joy in moving.

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