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Movement Kitchen

Improving how parts of your body work together and in relation to each other will bring different outcomes on cellular level, such as less wear and tear on the joints, better bone density and generally a more robust strength with less likelihood for injury.

Movement Kitchen brings together modern science approaches to movement and body grounded in biomechanics, physics and human kinetics with mindfulness and yoga as therapy. It aims to empower you to improve your movement mechanics, restore your body’s biological function and rediscover ease and joy in moving.

Ivana Miletic DemmelI’m a movement coach, biomechanics geek and mum to two energetic little people. My background brings together over 1200 hours of training in yoga as therapy, somatics and bodywork and years of working with the movement and the body. I am currently in the final year of my Personal Trainer RES Certification with Nutritious Movement studying under biomechanics scientist Katy Bowman. I am passionate about rediscovering the joy of play in movement and helping people feel stronger and more confident in their bodies.

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