Find your way to sustainable, pain free movement

Movement Kitchen

Do you have recurring back pain, a repetitive strain injury or feel that things never quite got back to normal after having a baby? Have you ever tried movement coaching?

Movement Kitchen brings together modern science approaches to movement and body grounded in biomechanics, physics and human kinetics with mindfulness and yoga as therapy.

It aims to:

  • Support you in transitioning to a healthier alignment in your day-to-day life - one that will allow more of your body to participate in movement and bring about more balanced strength patterns
  • Empower you to change unproductive tension patterns and compensations and improve your movement mechanics
  • Help you overcome pain and fear of getting re-injured
  • Help you build towards a robust functional strength - a body that works and is able to perform all its biological functions without pain or discomfort
  • Guide you in transitioning to an active lifestyle
  • Allow you to reclaim ease and joy in moving

Ivana Miletic DemmelI’m Ivana, a movement coach, biomechanics nerd and mum to two energetic little people. Nearly a decade ago I left my career in corporate law and since then have been studying yoga as therapy, somatics, bodywork and teaching various modalities of movement. I am currently in the final year of my Restorative Exercise certification with Nutritious Movement studying under biomechanics scientist Katy Bowman. I am passionate about rediscovering the joy of play in movement and helping people feel stronger and more confident in their bodies.

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