About Movement Kitchen

Kitchen is where magic happens. A source of physical, mental and spiritual sustenance. Kitchen makes a home homely. It’s a place of rekindling the joy of play, enjoying the process of making, getting the hands dirty. A place of connecting to our intuition, our inner wisdom, following the gut.

I want you to experience our movement practice as a kitchen, not a lab. Equally about the process as it is about the result. Creating a safe and playful environment for inquiry and exploration through movement. There is no right and wrong, but just exploring different ways of moving that might serve your body better.

About Ivana

My movement journey has been paved by various injuries and finding ways to heal them. I often felt my body was too fragile to follow my pace of life. In 2008 I left a career in corporate law with a recurrent back pain and not being able to feel parts of my left foot. I completed my first 200 hour yoga teacher training with the Yoga Federation of Serbia back in my home country. in 2012, I went on to complete a residential 900 hour yoga teacher training at the Yoga Institute Santacruz in Mumbai, India and spent a couple of months volunteering at health camps and workshops that the Institute regularly held for the locals. Coming back to England, I continued studying with Yogacampus and attending intensives and immersions in London primarily focusing on yoga as therapy. After years of teaching, studying and a dedicated daily practice I managed to restore my feet and rarely had any back pain.

But then, after having my first baby I suffered a couple of repetitive strain injuries and a severe abdominal separation (diastasis recti) which made me unable to continue my yoga practice the way it was. Looking for answers I started exploring a variety of different approaches to movement therapy and learning from various teachers across the fields of somatics, dance theory, Structural Integration, myofascial release and massage.

I wanted to understand why injuries happen and how to avoid them in the first place.

And this eventually brought me to the the work of biomechanist Katy Bowman, looking into forces of physics created by movement and how gravity, pressure and friction affect tissues. In 2015 I started my 2-year certification with the Nutritious Movement Institute under Katy Bowman and since then have been incorporating this approach into my yoga and somatics based work with the body, as well into mine and my family’s everyday life. This October I got qualified as a Nutritious Movement™ certified Restorative Exercise Specialist.

Longer I work with movement and the body, more I realise, the progress is defined not by one time achievements, but by general blurring of the border between exercise and life.

Over the last five years my lifestyle gradually transformed following my movement practice. I slowly replaced all my heeled shoes with minimal shoes, our family got rid of most of our furniture and started spending a lot of our time outside, moving in nature.

Exercise is not enough - I realised, we need MOVEMENT to thrive. Our bodies are beautifully malleable and adapt to the way we use them.

Not just exercise, but everything we do is an input.

You can create an environment that requires you to move more frequently and move more parts of you as you go about your everyday life. Even making little tweaks can make a big difference over time. Each tiny change creates a thousand ripples.

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