Challenging the Body with Kindness

I coach online and in-person, at our East London E10 studio.

With online sessions you log in on two devices, so we can see each of your movements from two different angles. You also get the bonus of session recordings.

Apply for coaching

If we never worked together, you will need a detailed initial assessment (fee: £99) where we will explore:

  1. Where are you right now? - breathing and pressure management strategies, motor control, strength, endurance
  2. What is your fitness goal?
  3. What is the action plan for reaching your goal?
  4. What are the milestones and a realistic timeline?

After the initial assessment, we can create your unique coaching package.
The price depends on the duration and the level of personal support.
My hourly rate is £80.

What to Expect

In the early stages of coaching, you will learn tools to relieve pain so you can handle flare-ups. As we progress, we will work on preventing the pain before it happens.

Each week, we will create an action plan with exercises that you can practise until your next session. As you meet your milestones, we can progress further, step by step to your goal.

A lot of our work focuses on the nervous system and motor control. You will learn how to isolate and control small movements, building towards more complex and more physically demanding movements as you get stronger. Once you master the basics, we gradually add weights and impact.

It is important to keep consistency of practice during the whole period of coaching, so you can meet your weekly milestones and progress towards the goal.