Rediscovering the joy of play in movement

What to expect from you session?

The one to one sessions are usually one hour long. We will look into the ways you use your body, focusing on the positioning of the bones and joint angles and find what we can improve for a better biological performance. We will explore together which movements feel natural and which are difficult at this point and test your ability to stabilise your joints as you move. The aim is to gradually build more sustainable use patterns that will bring about more balanced mass and bone density distribution and better overall tissue quality - decreasing the likelihood that some parts of your body would wear out prematurely.

Even though largely relying on mechanics and geometry in my work, I don’t see the body as a machine that needs to be ”fixed” but rather a complex expression of our emotions, habits and cultural conditioning, of the way we see ourselves and experience the world around us.

A lot of my work focuses on the nervous system and motor programming, learning how to isolate and control small movements, improving your proprioception and coordination. The practices are performed slowly and with as little effort as possible, giving a lot of attention to body awareness.

The aim of the exercises is not to challenge your abilities, but build new neural pathways - innervating underused areas of the body so they would gradually restore their function in your day-to-day life.

I also play a lot with interoception (sense of psychological condition of the body) and experience of movement. I like using mindfulness, breath, touch and somatic imagery to aid you in overcoming old muscular habits and help cultivate an experience of safety and ease in your body.

Alignment points

Practical details

You can chose to have a session in my home studio in Hackney or at your home. I currently offer classes in North, Central and East London, with travel expenses added to the price.

Price: £50 per hour.

All sessions need to be paid in advance and can be moved or canceled up to 24 hours before the appointment.

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