Move More and Move More of You

Whole Body Core Strength 8-Week Course

  • Do you have persistent back pain, back spasms or sciatica that affect your quality of life?
  • Do you feel your abdomen is too weak to support you while carrying groceries or lifting your children?
  • Or maybe you had your children years ago but still look five months pregnant?
  • Do you leak when you cough or sneeze?

If any of these is true this course is a perfect place to start.

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Other courses coming up soon:

Resilient Mama

This 6 week course brings together gentle pregnancy yoga with biomechanics based Restorative Exercise to help you go through your pregnancy feeling your best. Through these six weeks we will explore healthy alignment in pregnancy and how to avoid common niggles of the increased weight and decreased space for breathing, pelvic floor health beyond isolated pelvic floor exercises and how to prepare the body for birth. It will help you build body awareness, functional strength and emotional resilience for a smooth transition into motherhood.

Walking for Health

What if you can significantly improve your health just by walking? This 6 week course focuses on restoring foot dexterity, lower leg mobility and a balanced strength of the pelvic musculature. Developing a healthy alignment will transform your walking into a powerful health-sustaining activity. Perfect for anyone with foot, knee, hip or back pain or pelvic floor disorders. All the sessions are outside, walking in nature.

Parkour for Mums

This playful outdoor movement workshop explores all the things you can do while your children play at the playground to strengthen your body. Hint: it’s not looking at your phone :)

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