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NEW! Whole Body Core Strength 6 Weeks Course

Starting on Sunday 14 January

Whole Body Core Strength brings together everything I learnt through my professional and personal journey of healing my abdominal separation and restoring a functional core. It’s a 6-week course equipping you with tools to improve your movement mechanics and strengthen the body from inside out.

Perfect for new mums, people with recurring back or pelvic pain, pelvic floor disorders, abdominal weakness and separation / diastasis recti and anyone who is interested in exploring how their body works and would like to improve their functional strength.

Suitable for beginners as well as experienced movers, as the group is small and each of the practices will be adapted to you.


  • Experiential workshops
  • Small group exercise classes (6 people max)
  • Recommendation of practices to do at home

Extras: by booking the course you also get:

  • 1 Hour Private Class (value £50)
  • Half dome (value £7)

Place: Movement Kitchen, 13 Saw Mill Way, N16 6AN Stamford Hill, London

Time: Sundays 11 am - 1 pm (workshops) or 11 am - 12:30 pm (exercise classes).

  • Early bird price – until 15 Dec: £127 for the whole course
  • Regular price – until 7 January: £147
  • Last minute price – until 14 January: £167


  • Week 1: Workshop: The “Bones” of Your Belly - 3 things you can do for your core right now and none of them is exercise

  • Week 2: Workshop: How Much of You Does Really Move When You Move? - Positioning of your bones as the core of your core strength

  • Week 3: Exercise class: Strength = Coordinated Mobility - Restore mobility in undermoved places - upper body focus

  • Week 4: Exercise class: Restore mobility in undermoved places - below the waist

  • Week 5: Workshop: Balance with your hips - Your feet, legs and the hips as the pillars of your core (includes an indoor obstacle course)

  • Week 6: Exercise class: Improve torso mechanics and your strength to weight ratio

Each workshop is 2 hours long and exercise classes 1.5 hour.

Limited number of places available. Please email ivana@movementkitchen.co.uk or call 07936348233 to book your spot.

Other courses coming soon:

  • Resilient Mama - healthy alignment for pain free pregnancy - 6 week course bringing together Restorative Exercise™ (RES), mindfulness and biomechanics based yoga

  • Walking for Health - what if you can significantly improve your health just by walking? This 6 week course focuses on restoring foot dexterity, lower leg mobility and a balanced strength of the pelvic musculature. Developing a healthy alignment will transform your walking into a powerful health-sustaining activity. Perfect for anyone with foot, knee, hip or back pain or pelvic floor disorders. All the sessions are outside, walking in nature.

  • Parkour for Mums - playful outdoor movement workshop

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